Use Lingua Franca to become a BEAST!

british empire
With the geographical reach of British Colonialism and the dominance of America in the global market, English has become the lingua franca of the modern world

Language is the basis from which we communicate, write?

The Power of Lingua Franca

old delhi
Old Delhi, a central hub of urdu literature

Lingua Franca in Opposing Conquest

aramaic geography
Aramaic had influence over a variety of peoples due to its similarities with other semitic languages

Squats, a lingua franca of Physical Culture

cradle of civilization
Squats, the REAL cradle of civilization.

A Powerlifter learning the Cossack Dance: Using Lingua Franca to Grow

You’re speaking my language now

cossack dance lingua franca
It’ll take a while to learn this one

Finding a Lingua Franca in everyday life



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