This is How You Write an Email Landing Page for your First Muslim Novel

Thrust with the mysterious loss of his father, Cairo born Yasir must navigate through the changing landscape of 13th century Egypt. Changing empires, and the rising darkness of Hulegu and his Mongol Horde, Yasir faces a closer turmoil as gangsters in his neighbourhood prey on his now widowed mother and younger sisters.

In a story of becoming-manhood under the chaos of losing the closest model of a man, his father, Yasir will struggle with the lecherous nature of the world around him and battle with paradoxes of godliness he tries to get closer to and the lack of humanity he is forced to witness.

Is there a sign of hope?

Adventure, trades and tradition, physical strength, honour, mastery, courage, and finding solace in remembrance of God in a chaotic, hedonistic world.

As every young man faces challenges of the like from centuries to now, join Yasir on a journey to stand firm to his ideals and beliefs in the chaos of the dunya and subscribe to the Muslim History Thriller newsletter.



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