Grow Your Hamstrings like Napoleon Bonaparte

The Siege of Burgos 1812

It’s your platform for violent action.


So what strategy do we use when trying to strengthen the hamstrings?

The impact of the supercannon on the Britsh Fleet: Admiral Sir John Duckworth Forcing Pass through the Dardanelles, 1807 by Philip James de Loutherbourg. © Government Art Collection. When used with teh right strategy, the right tool can be devastating.


If you put in the work now to learn more than you need to about training (because think about it, is this going to be the LAST training article you think you’ll read?). Who knows where you’ll be five, ten, twenty years down the line.
Maybe a coronation by the Pope is in your future? And all you need to do is read a little anatomy here and there.

Training both higher reps and heavier loads

Remember strategy: leave no stone un-turned in strengthening the hamstrings.

Understanding both Hip extension and Knee flexion

  • Medially rotate the knee when knee is bent
  • Hip extension
  • Knee flexion

Understanding the Posterior Chain….Its a chain

Nothing says boom like well-trained force across the railroad that is our muscles and connective tissue.

Don’t have the tools? Just remember strategy



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