Get Cowboy Fit Like Hondo Lane

Yusuf Ahmed
1 min readMay 24, 2019

What do cowboys and fitness have to do with each other?

Ask Hondo Lane, the Apache-raised, US Army scout who finds himself trying to rescue a lone woman and her small child in a forgotten ranch in Arizona.

He’s got Apaches on one side and he’s got those in the army who are jealous of his elite-status among the seniors.

A situation like that makes for a tough man.

How tough?

He can shoot, ride horse, hear and make out the slightest of noises, chop wood, and he sleeps with a pistol in his hand, always.

What does he eat? Not much, just: Beef jerky, coffee, and hard tack.

Always on the move and always ready for action.

So what’s it to you and me?

Its time to get back to basics.

Get mobile and elusive.

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